Learning College

College Planning

College Planning

As the college has adopted the Learning College principles, Estrella Mountain aligned our strategic plan with the learning college objectives identified by the League for Innovation. Additionally, Estrella Mountain remains aligned with the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD).

For more information on the planning process, please visit the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.

5 Strategic Directions

Employees across the college work in teams dedicated to the planning and implementation of the strategic directions. The teams create and measure objectives for their respective direction.

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Estrella Mountain will create and expand learning-centered programs and strategies that support the success of students.

Learning College Objective: underprepared students

Estrella Mountain will commit to assessing and documenting learning outcomes across divisions that result in strategies to improve learning.

Learning College Objective: learning outcomes

Estrella Mountain will cultivate an organizational culture where policies, programs, practices, and employees support learning as the major priority. This includes professional development programs and diversity initiatives that prepare all employees to become more effective facilitators of learning.

Learning College Objective: organizational culture and staff recruitment and development

Estrella Mountain will promote and support the expansion of dynamic learning environments that improves student learning through the effective use of information technology and teaching pedagogies.

Learning College Objective: technology

Estrella Mountain will maximize existing partnerships and resources (capital and human), while continuing to pursue new opportunities to support learning.