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  Spring 2021 SEMESTER COVID-19 UPDATE: The EMCC campus is open to EMCC employees and students attending on-campus classes. All student support services are available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Guiding Principles


Estrella Mountain puts learning first in 6 significant principles:

  1. Creating substantive change in individual learners.
  2. Engaging learners in the learning process as full partners, assuming primary responsibility for their own learning.
  3. Creating and offering as many options for learning as possible.
  4. Assisting learners to form and participate in collaborative learning activities.
  5. Defining the role of learning facilitators by the needs of the the learners.
  6. Continually assessing college programs, policies, and practices to improve learning environments.

The Learning First Tour provides a highly interactive opportunity to discuss how individuals contribute to the Learning College principles. During the tour, participants provided examples for how they apply the principles in their daily lives at EMCC.

Learners share how they contribute to the Learning College Principles:

(Click each principle to find examples.)