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Frequently Asked Questions about Your Library

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the Library and their answers.

Your student ID card or employee ID card acts as your library card.

Student ID cards are issued by Enrollment Services in Komatke Hall.

Although the Library does not purchase copies of textbooks for checkout, your instructor may have provided a copy of the textbook to the Library to place on reserve.

Items that are placed on reserve are held at the main Library desk.  Unlike other items in the Library, items that are placed on reserve often have shorter checkout periods such as hours or days instead of weeks.  These shorter windows exist to ensure that many people in a course can have access to the same materials.

You can use Search library catalog in the right column under Related Resources to find out what items are available at the Library.  In the library catalog, you can use the Course Reserves option toward the top of the screen to look up items that are on reserve based on instructor or course.

Items are arranged in reserve by your instructor's name and the title of the item, so please have these two details ready when asking for reserve items at the desk.

In addition to reserves, some textbooks are available for use at the Academic Success Center.

The Library has over 70 copies of Evolve Reach Assessment Exam, which is the study guide for the HESI exam.  These guides checkout for 3 weeks.  Due to the large number of people taking this exam, the guide must be returned when due and cannot be renewed.

If you are trying to checkout the guide, you are welcome to call the Library at 623 935 8191 to see if any are available. If a guide is in, the guide will be held for you until the end of the day. Guides that are not claimed by the end of the day become available for checkout to anyone the next day.

To report a machine broken or for questions not answered in this section, please contact James Mitter either by email to or call him at 623.935.8842.

For a refund for a cash purchase, make a note of the number on the front of the machine and visit the Courtyard Grille in Komatke B during their regular business hours.

For a refund of a credit/debit card purchase, call the number on the back of the card and request that the transaction be cancelled.