Creating Persistent Links to ebrary ebooks

Due to space limitations, URLs in the following examples may display across multiple lines, even though they are just individual, long URLs.

In ebrary, you can perform a search such as Learning College which results in a URL similar to:

and just copy and paste the resulting URL from the address bar into your web page.

To link to a specific book, you can just take the link from your address bar such as:

but note that, in this case, the term Learning College has carried through in the link and will be used automatically for the magnifying glass icons in the table of contents. If you don't want your search term to be part of the link, simply strip away everything after docID=#####, such as:

If you want to link to a particular page of a book, note the page number in the beige bar toward the upper right of the page that displays text such as Page 22 (22 of 198). Using the stripped down example that appears above, add &ppg= to the end of the URL, followed by the page number you found in the upper right, resulting in a URL similar to:

Please note that, unlike other licensed content, persistent links for ebrary do not require you to insert

in front of the links to enable remote access.

If you have any questions about creating persistent links, contact