Creating Persistent Links to JSTOR Articles

Due to space limitations, URLs in the following examples may display across multiple lines, even though they are just individual, long URLs.

  1. Start by using JSTOR to locate the article you want. Once you are at the article, look at the URL in your address bar which will look something like one of these:

  2. To turn this URL into a persistent URL that will work from anywhere, you need to edit it by:

    1. Removing (if the URL contains this)
    2. Removing everything from the first question mark to the end of the URL

    For the sample above, the stripped version would be:

  3. To make the stripped version work both on-campus and off-campus from inside and outside of Blackboard, you need to insert:

    in front of the stripped URL.

    The resulting persistent URL for inside or outside Blackboard will look similar to:

If you have any questions about creating persistent links, contact