Creating Persistent Links to Streaming Videos

Due to space limitations, URLs in the following examples may display across multiple lines, even though they are just individual, long URLs.

In Fall 2010, the Library licensed 6,200 streaming videos from Films On Demand. For information on how to create links to these titles, refer to Creating Persistent Links to Films On Demand Streaming Videos.

When creating persistent links from Blackboard to streaming videos, to avoid known conflicts with Internet Explorer, configure the link to open in a new window.

When the Library licenses a video for streaming, it creates a special URL for the library that looks similar to:

These links are designed to automatically observe licensing requirements for the videos, which typically allow anyone to access from on-campus, but require user authentication for people who access off-campus. These links can be placed in Blackboard or on public web pages.

While you are watching a streaming video, you may notice that the URL of the video is quite different.  These URLs do not guarantee that the licensing requirements will be observed, so you should not use these URLs on public web pages.  Although you can use such URLs within Blackboard, it is still safer to use the links that appear in the form described above.

You can view a list of the existing streaming videos either by subject or by title. While in the list, you can right-click on the video camera icon camera icon to copy the URL for the video and then paste it into Blackboard or any other web page.

If you have any questions about creating persistent links, contact