Marketing and Communications



What are the requirements for communicating via Social Media?

All District policies and guidelines must be followed in order to engage in college Social Media. Please review the Maricopa Community College District policy prior to planning a social media presence.

Based on state statute, any college social media presence is subject to public records request. Due to this requirement, any division or program area utilizing social media, MUST HAVE a back-up system in place. Please contact the Marketing Division for further information.

Does this apply to me?
The term social media covers any online function, which allows a conversation, exchange of comments or interaction with our students and community. Examples include; facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, photo galleries, etc. If you are managing or monitoring the content of a college related social media site, during work hours or as part of your job function, you will need to have an appropriate backup system in place.

General Questions:

Why are the college's identity guidelines important?

One of the responsibilities of Estrella Mountain Community College's Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) Division is to help maximize and facilitate the promotion of the college's learning opportunities, its programs, successes of students and faculty; in addition to helping protect the integrity of the college and the district's reputation, its employees, students, and programs. The purpose of Estrella Mountain's Campus Identity Guidelines is to provide college personnel with fundamental information regarding positive visual representation of the college. 

When do you involve the Marketing and Public Relations Division?

All formal representations of the college distributed to the public should be developed by the Marketing and Public Relations office.  Anytime you would like to have graphics designed for your specific needs, contact the Marketing Division to plan your project.  Contact should be made as soon as possible, in order to appropriately plan and coordinate design projects.

Can I get my event posted on the website and/or Dysart Road street sign?

The Estrella Mountain website and Dysart Road street sign provide an effective outlet for communications to college constituencies regarding events, programs, or student success and learning opportunities. 

All postings must be in partnership with the college. Both mediums will only be used for college-related business that has a significant impact on our community.

How do I make a request?

Each project will be reviewed as it is received for appropriate timing and implementation.  Please keep in mind that MPR works off a general planning calendar.  Depending on division work load and college priorities, your project may be postponed if it is a busy time or may have better results during a different week/month.  If the project is time sensitive, our division can work with you to get the information out in a timely manner. Please utilize our Digital Communications Request form for in order to have your project submitted and processed for publication

  • Once a project development date is set, you will be responsible for providing all necessary information at least 3 weeks prior to that date (see production timelines).
  • You will have the opportunity to proof your graphic design project before it is finalized. 
  • Please be aware that it is your responsibility to have this approved by your supervisor and any delay in this process may delay the completion of the project.