Marketing and Communications

Campus News, Media, and Production Deadlines

Marketing Production Timelines

All requests for marketing materials and graphics development are subject to the following deadlines and requirements. All requests will be assessed and Marketing and Communications staff will determine the appropriate strategy and materials.

All projects are up to the discretion of the Marketing and Communications department, based on time, availability, audience, institutional need, strategic direction, or any other relevant factors. It is your responsibility to provide accurate data and information at the time of submission and during the production process. In general, there is a two-week production time on all requests although many projects take considerably less time.  Where applicable, deadlines and timelines for requests that are beyond two weeks are noted. The division will not guarantee support if requests are made outside the scope of our strategic priorities. Supervisor approval will be required for final completion and delivery/submission of project. 

  • Website/Marquee Promotions: 3 weeks prior
  • Marketing Projects with Printing/Production: 6 weeks prior – ex. printed brochures, promotional products, apparel, etc.
    (Please note that external production requirements may require more/less time per project)
  • Media Release/Advisory/Statement – 4 weeks prior

News Media Coverage Timelines

All news releases and formal contact with media must come through the Marketing and Communications office. Anytime you, your program or division would like a communication to go to the media, please submit a formal request online.  Contact our office as soon as possible, as we need approximately 4 weeks to plan and coordinate release of information. Requests for media communications and promotions and not automatic. Each request will be thoughtfully evaluated and final approval is at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications office.  While media coverage/attendance is not guaranteed, we will make every effort to secure appropriate coverage. Please ensure that all approvals have been received and purchase orders (PO) are in place. We cannot send out a final news release highlighting speakers, entertainers, etc. without having all the appropriate approvals and POs.

Specific examples of when to contact us for media communication and promotions:

  • A new program is brought on board in your division,
  • You are planning an event that public attendance is desired,
  • You have a student who has a unique story to tell or has had extraordinary success at Estrella Mountain,
  • A faculty member has been recognized publicly or awarded for their work and dedication to the college,
  • A faculty member is using new technology or unique teaching methods in his/her classroom,
  • All story ideas are welcome.

Campus Updates Newsletter

EMCC Campus Updates – the internal employee email newsletter – is sent out regularly between August and May. Deadlines for submissions for announcements and information to be included are communicated through All Staff emails in advance.