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Submissions for this form are closed.

Club Facebook Page Request

Thank you for your interest in creating a Facebook page for your EMCC Club! This request must be submitted via our online Marketing and Communications request form. 

Please make sure your faculty advisor is aware of the submission as they will be notified with a confirmation afterwards. 

You may also submit a request to add or remove student administrators to your club's existing account. If you have any questions please direct them to our e-mail:

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your Facebook page request to Estrella Mountain Community College. 

Your access to and use of this service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all of those delegated responsible of the social media page delegated to them by the Department of Institutional Advancement.

Upon the agreement to the Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing to follow the Code of Conduct set by EMCC in the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities (Student Handbook) which applies to Social Media as well. 

*Please read the Student Handbook before submitting this request to ensure your knowledge on the rights and responsibilities asked of you in order to stay within EMCC policy.*

---Violation of Policy--- 

EMCC has the responsibility and right to remove content deemed inappropriate and in violation of terms stated in the student Code of Conduct. Students will be held responsible for violations of the Code of Conduct 

First Violation- Content in violation will be deleted and Club Advisor will receive their first warning via email from Institutional Advancement regarding deletion of content. Student Life will also be notified of the violation.

Second Violation- Content will be deleted and club page will undergo a review conducted by Institutional Advancement, Student Life and the Dean of Student Affairs to decide the future of the club’s Facebook page. During review, no club administrators and moderators will have access to the Facebook page. Roles will be reassigned after review is done depending on terms agreed upon. 


EMCC has the right and responsibility of terminating Facebook groups. 
If a Facebook group is deemed inactive EMCC will contact the club three times. Once a club is deemed inactive by Student Life the page will be terminated.

(1) E-mail to Club Advisor and administrators
(2) Follow up email to Club Advisor and page Administrators
(3) Phone call made to Club Advisor. If EMCC receives no response, a week after the third attempt the page will be scheduled for Termination. 
If a Club Advisor and Club president decide to terminate their Facebook group, they will need to contact to our Social Media department via e-mail to begin the termination process. 

---Parties Responsible--- 

Required administrators are the following: 
(1) EMCC
(2) Institutional Advancement Representative
(3) Club Advisor
(4) 1-2 Student representatives delegated by the Club Advisor

Facebook Groups allow two types of roles: Administrators and Moderators. 
Parties 1-3 will be delegated administrative roles. Student Representatives will be delegated as Moderators. For more information on what the difference between the two are, please visit the following link. 
Please be aware that by agreeing to these terms you take on the responsibility of maintaining your own page. 
EMCC will only participate in content creation if and when both the club and Institutional Advancement have agreed to it.