EMCC Password-Protected Dashboards: The following links are for EMCC dashboards, with more coming soon.  These may potentially allow drilling down to the division, institute, program review, prefix and course level of detail.  [Login using <MEID><MEID Password>]

MCCCD-wide Dashboards:  District publishes both public and password-protected Tableau reports and dashboards.  

Public Dashboards: Public data requires no login and can be accessed by anyone.

  • NEW!!!  Class Schedule Dashboards: Useful to review class detail tables (updated weekly - providing enrollment measures for all classes district-wide), weekly trends, and room scheduling.  Use the filters on this linked page to control the detail displayed on the linked pages.
  • NCII Guided Pathways: useful for data regarding cohort size, next term persistence rates, age, gender, FT/PT, college-level credits earned in the 1st term, college-level credits earned in the 1st year, college-level course success rates, and college-level hours attempted/earned by student intent.  
  • Discipline Summary:  useful data regarding declared majors, degrees awarded, and transfers.
  • SENSE Fall 2017 Results: key data from the Survey of Entering Student Engagement with various comparison cohorts.
  • Fast Facts: useful for data regarding student ethnicity, awards conferred, student transfers, student intent, academic loads, prior education, gender, residency, first generation, and more.

District Password-Protected Tableau Dashboards: Password-protected Tableau reports and dashboards are stored on the Maricopa Tableau Analytics Server and require permission to access. [Login using <MEID><MEID Password>]

  • Weekly Enrollment - Spring: weekly enrollment trends for spring for both headcount and basic term FTSE by the week of term (from -18 to 18 weeks from the beginning of the term)
  • Weekly Enrollment - Fall: weekly enrollment trends for fall for both headcount and basic term FTSE by the week of term (from -18 to 18 weeks from the beginning of the term)
  • 2018 Governing Board Outcomes:  the key metrics link provides useful information regarding college-level course success, fall to fall retention, developmental course success, success after developmental courses, graduation rates, transfer degrees, and more.
  • MCCCD Trends: useful for data regarding headcount of all students as well as students by age, gender range, ethnicity, residency, prior education, high school status, academic load, and primary time of attendance.
  • MCCCD Grade Distribution: key grade outcome data for various timeframes with both counts and percentiles by grade.