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Welcome to the EMCC Grant Homepage! This page is dedicated to providing Faculty and Staff the most up to date information on federal, state, local, and foundational grants that can impact the resources and programs offered to students at EMCC. Please review the following information and links to help  you acclimate to the grant development process at EMCC.

EMCC Grants: STEPS to Administrative Success

Initial STEPs for Submitting a Grant Proposal--Pre-Funding

STEP 1: Talk to your Division Chair or Director to obtain initial support for your grant idea.  Ask the Director to inform the Dean or Vice President about the potential proposal. 

STEP 2: Meet with EMCC Grants Coordinator to review campus and District timelines and learn how to complete the EMCC Grant Information Form.

Grant Intake Form: Please complete the Grant Intake Form and return to OPIE Grants Coordinator. See link in downloads. 

STEP 3: Complete the EMCC Grant Information Form and send it to the Grants Coordinator who will route the form to the Grant Vetting Team                               (Aaron.Allery@estrellamountain.edu)

STEP 4: After the proposal is approved via the Vetting Team; identify and confirm participation of the Principle Investigator, Assigned Administrator (Dean or Vice President), and planning Team Members.

STEP 5: Work with the Grants Coordinator to schedule working team meetings and writing responsibilities.

STEP 6: Work with Grants Coordinator to complete the proposal in time for District and College Review.

STEP 7: Send completed proposal to MCCCD 10 working days before grant is due for review, editing, and submittal. 


MCCCD Grant Development and Management Page


MCCCD Proposal Approval Summary Form


MCCCD Proposal Development Process


MCCCD Grants Management Handbook


Grant Vetting Team

See link in downloads

MCCCD Project Administrator Form

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Grant Information Form

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