Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

If working for a commercial bank or savings institution sounds interesting, consider a degree or certificate in Banking and Finance. Students can expect to:

  • Learn and understand the characteristics and significance of the American banking system, including types of accounts, banking services, and the relationship of commercial banks to their depositors.
  • Calculate business problems, including percentages, interest, discount, and markups.
  • Evaluate various investment forms including study of inflation, taxation, government securities, stocks and bonds, real estate, and retirement plans.
  • Evaluate and apply the concept of consumer lending by financial institutions.

Why Banking and Finance @ EMCC?

You will gain valuable knowledge through our banking and accounting courses. You will also learn about business law and communication as well as investing and consumer credit practices. 

EMCC offers a Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Banking and Finance which is a career program developed in cooperation with the Central Arizona Chapter of the American Institute of Banking and the Institute of Financial Education to prepare successful completers for entry or advancement in the banking profession.

This program is part of the Business Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks and professional opportunities within their selected field(s) of study.

Career and Employment Outlook

Banking and finance is a dynamic industry and steady growth is expected to continue well past 2010. Careers include collection specialists, bank manager trainees, credit analysts, bank teller, assistant loan consultant, financial bookkeeper, payroll technician, bookkeeping, accounting, & auditing clerks. 

With training in banking and finance, you could work for a bank, credit union or other financial institution as a teller, assistant loan consultant, or customer service representative. With experience, you may also move up to be a record-keeper or assistant manager.

With a certificate and no experience in accounting, students would be prepared to for the following entry-level jobs: accounting clerk, accounts payable/receivable clerk, claims clerk, credit clerk, full-charge bookkeeper, accounting intern, or comparable positions.

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