Baking and Pastry - CCL | EMCC
Culinary Studies

Baking and Pastry - CCL

Effective term: 
2018 Spring
Final term: 
2020 Summer
Total credits required: 

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Baking and Pastry program is designed to train students who wish to become professional pastry chefs. A formal restaurant and kitchen lab operated by the culinary program will provide practical work experience in the areas of dessert preparation. Instruction will be given in the areas of baking, advanced pastry, wedding cakes, baking theory, food sanitation, and business applications related to commercial baking.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program.

Students must obtain a Maricopa County Food Handlers Card before the start of required courses, and must maintain the card throughout the program.

Assessment test score for placement in 100-level English, Math, and Reading classes or above, or complete the following courses
(or higher level ENG, RDG or MAT courses) with a C or better:
ENG091Preparatory Academic Writing III (3) OR
Appropriate writing placement test score OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level English course 0-3
RDG100College Preparatory Reading (3) OR
Appropriate reading placement test score OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level Reading course 0-3
MAT090Introductory Algebra (5) OR
MAT091Introductory Algebra (4) OR
MAT092Introductory Algebra (3) OR
MAT093Introductory Algebra/Math Anxiety Reduction (5) OR
Satisfactory score on District Placement exam OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level mathematics course 0-5
CUL109/HRM102Menu Planning and Development 2
CUL113Commercial Baking Techniques 3
CUL119Baking Theory and Retail Operations (3)OR
CUL223Food Service Management (3) 3
CUL127Classical Desserts 3
CUL137Specialty Breads and Breakfast Pastry 3
CUL217Wedding Cake Production 3
CUL219Professional Pastry Techniques 3
FON104Certification in Food Service Safety and Sanitation 1
  1. Demonstrate the essential concepts of standardized recipes, cost computations, and menu writing techniques for food service operations. (CUL109/HRM102)
  2. Describe the essential concepts, ingredients, and techniques used in baking and pastry production. (CUL119,CUL223)
  3. Identify, describe and demonstrate the basic techniques and procedures necessary for operating a bakery or pastry shop. (CUL113, CUL127)
  4. Identify, describe and demonstrate the techniques, preparation and presentation of advanced pastry products. (CUL137, CUL217, CUL219)
  5. Describe the essential concepts of a quality sanitation system in a hospitality food service operation. ( FON104)
  6. Describe the major segments, regulations, and business skills required to operate a bakery. (CUL119, CUL223)