Culinary Studies

Culinary Studies - CCL

Effective term: 
2018 Spring
Final term: 
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The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Culinary Studies program is designed to train students who wish to become professional chefs and cooks. A formal dining room is operated by the program and provides practical work experience for students. Instruction includes principles of professional cooking and baking, volume food production, food sanitation and safety, purchasing, customer service, and menu planning.

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Program notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program. Students with transfer credits should contact the Culinary Studies Department. Students must obtain a Maricopa County Food Handlers Card before the start of required courses, and must maintain the card throughout the program.

Admission criteria

Prior to being considered for and acceptance into the program, students must complete the program prerequisites area.

Assessment test score for placement in 100-level English, Math, and Reading classes or above, or complete the following courses
(or higher level ENG, RDG or MAT courses) with a C or better:
ENG091Preparatory Academic Writing III (3) OR
Appropriate writing placement test score OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level English course 0-3
RDG100Successful College Reading (3) OR
Appropriate reading placement test score OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level Reading course 0-3
MAT090Introductory Algebra (5) OR
MAT091Introductory Algebra (4) OR
MAT092Introductory Algebra (3) OR
MAT093Introductory Algebra/Math Anxiety Reduction (5) OR
Satisfactory score on District Placement exam OR Satisfactory completion of a higher level mathematics course 0-5
CUL105Principles and Skills for Professional Cooking 3
CUL107Principles and Techniques of Garde Manger 3
CUL109/HRM102Menu Planning Development 2
CUL111Purchasing for Food Service Systems 3
CUL113Commercial Baking Techniques 3
CUL123ABCustomer Service Practicum 2
CUL127Commercial Baking: Classical Desserts 3
CUL201International Cuisine 3
CUL203American Regional Cuisine 3
CUL205French Cuisine 3
CUL213Buffet Catering 3
CUL223Food Service Management 3
FON104Certification in Food Service Safety and Sanitation 1
Restricted Electives
CUL101Culinary Fundamentals: Culinary Basics 3
CUL102Culinary Fundamentals: Hot Foods 3
CUL103Culinary Fundamentals: Breakfast and Garde Manger 3
CUL104Culinary Fundamentals: Bakery and Pastry 3
CUL119Baking Theory and Retail Operations 3
CUL137Specialty Breads and Breakfast Pastry 3
CUL217Commercial Wedding Cake Production 3
CUL219Professional Pastry Techniques 3
CUL231AACulinary Studies Internship (1)OR
CUL231ABCulinary Studies Internship (2)OR
CUL231ACCulinary Studies Internship (3) 1-3
FON+++++ Any FON Food and Nutrition course(s) except courses used to satisfy Required Courses area.
SPA+++++ Any SPA Spanish prefixed course(s)
FRE+++++ Any FRE French prefixed course(s)
  1. Use inventory methods and maintain records and cost controls for food service products and supplies. (CUL111)
  2. Demonstrate the essential concepts of standardized recipes, cost computations, and menu writing techniques for food service operations. (CUL109/HRM102)
  3. Describe the essential concepts of and techniques used in food production. (CUL105)
  4. Identify, describe and demonstrate the techniques and procedures necessary for operating a bakery or pastry shop. (CUL113, CUL127)
  5. Identify, describe and demonstrate the techniques, preparation and presentation of gourmet foods. (CUL107, CUL205, CUL213)
  6. Identify, describe and practice the techniques, procedures, and presentation techniques used in the preparation of a variety of cold foods. (CUL107, CUL213)
  7. Describe the history of American cuisine including their customs and regional differences. (CUL203)
  8. Demonstrate and apply the advanced skills required in hot and cold food preparation and presentation. (CUL201, CUL203, CUL205, CUL213)
  9. Describe the essential concepts of a quality sanitation system in a hospitality food service operation. (FON104)
  10. Perform standard dining room setup and service procedures in a commercial setting. (CUL123AB)
  11. Describe the history of food from the classical French to the American cuisine, including their customs and regional differences. (CUL201)
  12. Describe the major segments, procedures, and regulations required to operate a restaurant. (CUL223)