The Journalism program at EMCC helps students develop the skills of a professional journalist. Like professional reporters, students perform interviews, gather data and submit articles by set deadlines with assignments ranging from short columns to full-length articles. The students apply the principles of journalistic writing in each writing assignment. Within these writing assignments, students must also weigh issues such as freedom of the press, libel and potential ethical concerns.

The program offers several introductory classes. Each of the classes are designed in hybrid format, with JRN201 forming the basis for all other classes. This class transfers to any major university in Arizona.  Other classes in the program include Online Media and Feature Writing.

Students enrolled in journalism classes will help develop and publish content for the online school paper, which will start in the fall of 2012. Students also have the opportunity to get credit for internships in local news outlets. EMCC helps to coordinate these internships.

Why Journalism @ EMCC?

  • Students contribute their skills to the campus online news.
  • Develop professional skills a journalist must possess (interviewing, researching, writing, handing in work by set deadlines and understanding the ethical questions linked to their work).
  • Internships with local news outlets, providing students with the real life experience that news-related employers highly value.
  • Respected program that is transferable to universities for degree-seeking students

Career and Employment Outlook

Enrolling in journalism classes at EMCC provides students with an excellent basis for working both in the online and traditional news industry, as well as for future college study, including:

  • Graduate from each class with 2-3 polished articles
  • Begin to compile professional portfolios to show to prospective employers
  • Gain professional reporting skills
  • Prepared and ready to be sent on assignments
  • Hone writing skills for future college classes
  • Learn how to navigate hybrid classes.

Transfer Options

Maricopa Degree Options

At EMCC, get a degree in... And transfer to a university to get a degree in...
Associate in Arts (AA) Bachelors of Arts in Journalism