Justice and Public Safety

Justice and Public Safety

The Administration of Justice Program is designed to prepare you for careers within the criminal justice system and legal field including law enforcement, the courts, probation and parole, corrections, and the various social service agencies that support the criminal justice system. You will learn the techniques and principles of criminal justice, patrol procedures, ethics, correctional institutions, police management, crime scene procedure and police photography. 

First responder careers such as police, fire fighting and prevention, and emergency medical technology are very competitive, requiring proven skills and training.  Due to the critical environments and hazardous situations in which you will need to perform, there is a high level of stress, but is balanced by the great rewards of helping people. Thus, these careers require effective human relation and communication skills.

In August 2012, the EMCC Fire Academy was formed through a community partnership with the fire departments in Southwest Phoenix to provide local opportunities and resources for firefighter education and training.

The programs also provide the foundation for continued education and academic growth and development if you choose to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the university level.

Students with focused studies in political science and history are well prepared for advanced degrees in their respective fields, but also provide a sound academic foundation for career development in government, the legal fields, and the court and justice systems.