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Red Hat Academy

Estella Mountain has recently partnered with Red Hat to form Arizona's first and only Red Hat Academy. Red Hat Linux is the largest Linux Network Operating System in the United States, comprising 80% of the Linux market share. Red Hat's RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician) is the hottest vendor information technology certificate today. Red Hat is setting the industry standard for vendor certification by moving away from standard written exams, to 100% "hands on" testing. Hands on testing proves real world professional skills. Currently Red Hat Academy curriculum offers the RHCT certification path. Red Hat plans to release their RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) curriculum to their academies by fall 2005. Estrella Mountain Red Hat Academy plans to offer the RHCT exam on our campus before our first rotation of RHCT classes finish in Spring of 2005. This will allow students to test at a greatly reduced cost, and not have to travel to a examination site.

Why Red Hat?

Red Hat is the recognized leader in enterprise solutions that take full advantage of the quality and performance provided by the open source model.

With Red Hat, enterprise hardware and software vendors have a standard platform on which to certify their technology. We assure the necessary scalability and security of open source software. We make mission-critical Linux deployments possible.

And together with our partners, we bring the vast benefits of open source computing into an enterprise environment where cost-effective performance is absolutely at its most critical.

In June 2002, CNET survey asked more than 2,200 IT professionals were asked which companies would be most relevant to their business in the next five years. They ranked Red Hat #2. Ahead of IBM, Sun, Dell, Cisco, HP, Oracle, Apple.

How has Red Hat surpassed so many technology heavyweights so quickly?

  • Red Hat's unique vision and leadership in the open source community.
  • The high value of open source technology.
  • The enterprise momentum toward flexible, open infrastructures.
  • The technology industry demand for choice--no longer satisfied with overpriced, underperforming proprietary platforms.

Enterprises simply can't afford software that doesn't come with full assurance of stability and a 24x7 support organization they can trust. They require comprehensive technology integration. All the pieces need to fit.

That's where Red Hat comes in. We deploy, integrate, update, manage, train, support. Just as we do for companies like, Credit Suisse First Boston, DreamWorks, Reuters, Lehman Brothers. When companies look to Linux, they look to us. We make Linux predictable.

From deployment, to development, to management--organizations can rely on Red Hat expertise at every step. We offer a full range of Enterprise Linux operating systems, backed by Red Hat Network and comprehensive services:

  • We feature Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the first enterprise-class family of business operating platforms. Enterprise Linux combines the performance, ISV support, features, and, extended release cycle required by the world's largest organizations. Enterprise performance of Enterprise Linux has been proven through recent TPC-C, TPC-R, and ECperf benchmarks.
  • We have key industry relationships with top hardware and software vendors like Dell, IBM, Intel, HP, and Oracle. In June 2002, Red Hat, Oracle, and Dell formally launched a combined Linux effort that includes joint development, support, and hardware and software certification. It was an emphatic declaration that Red Hat Enterprise Linux was truly ready for the enterprise.
  • We help customers keep their systems current, managed, and secure with Red Hat Network, our Internet mechanism for software delivery and systems management. It's the pipeline that lets our customers tap open source innovation in real-time.
  • We deliver 24x7 enterprise support globally in seven languages. Our support organization has won praise from customers like and British Petroleum.
  • We offer a wide range of consulting and engineering services to make enterprise open source deployments successful--from complete Linux migration to client-directed engineering to custom software development.
  • We have broad expertise in open source technology. Red Hat is a significant contributor and maintainer of major open source software including Linux, GNU, and Apache Web server. Several Red Hat engineers are prominent open source developers and members of the open source community.

Why work directly with Red Hat? We know open source. We know Linux. We know the performance, reliability, control, and cost savings it delivers. And better than anyone else, we can use this technology to build complete, cost-effective infrastructures for the enterprise.


Balance means building a successful company without sacrificing customer trust. And creating shareholder value without severing our ties to the open source community.

The sharing inherent in open source allows Red Hat to not only provide a level of flexibility that proprietary software never allows, but also lets us return innovation to the community of open source users and developers. The cycle of creation is continuous.

Extending this commitment, we also believe strongly that open source can provide cost-effective technology access to educational institutions. Many schools, society's poorest in particular, can take advantage of open source software to allow students to participate in an Internet-connected world.

The open source model is built on the premise of allowing the best technology to win in an open, competitive environment. This is why we're vigilant in matters of intellectual property and consumer rights. Because we've found that an open environment is not only the best way to build technology, but the best way to spur innovation across our industry.