Desktop Publishing - CCL

Effective term: 
2009 Spring
Final term: 
Total credits required: 

The Certification of Completion (CCL) in Desktop Publishing program is designed to prepare students to work with and design professional publications. The courses focus on training the student in desktop design, and graphics design.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program.

CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems 3
CIS120DBComputer Graphics: Adobe Illustrator 3
CIS120DFAdobe Photoshop Level I: Digital Imaging 3
CIS138DADesktop Design and Publishing Using Adobe InDesign 3
CIS108Electronic Portfolio Development 1
SBS217Starting/Managing a Home Business 1
Restricted Electives
ENG111Technical and Professional Writing 3
CIS118DBDesktop Presentation: PowerPoint 3
  1. Define terms related to microcomputer usage and applications. (CIS105)
  2. Identify microcomputer hardware and software components. (CIS105)
  3. Apply microcomputer operation skills: (CIS105)
  4. Evaluate and select microcomputer hardware and software for specific applications. (CIS105)
  5. Describe basic graphics, sound, process control, and other special capabilities of a microcomputer. (CIS105)
  6. Compose and print textual and graphic materials of high quality (CIS138DA, CIS108)
  7. Use Adobe Photoshop graphics software to select, manipulate, and edit images, work with masks, channels and layers; combine raster and vector graphics; print in color; manage color, and create graphics. (CIS120DF)
  8. Use Adobe Illustrator graphics software on a computer to create, manipulate, and edit images, text, abstract art, graphics design, color graphics and business charts; determine file formats appropriate for web and print; utilize tools to optimize graphics and create PDF files (CIS120 DB)
  9. Describe the components, techniques, and purposes of basic and advanced desktop publication and assemble typical desktop applications from templates and models. (CIS138DA)
  10. Analyze the successful operation of a home-based business such as graphic design freelance work. (SBS217)