Background Check Requirements

7/19/11: For all nursing students who seek to begin MaricopaNursing on or after September 1, 2011, new background check standards will be in effect. Additionally, students who have been admitted to MaricopaNursing or who are currently enrolled in one as of September 1, 2011 will be required to sign an MCCCD Criminal Background Check Disclosure Acknowledgment form. These changes are necessary due to the fact that six of eleven of MCCCD's largest clinical experience hospital partners have established stringent background check standards that preclude MaricopaNursing from assigning students to those sites who cannot meet those standards. In order for MaricopaNursing students to be able to continue to complete clinical experiences at local hospitals, students must meet these new standards.

7/25/11 PLEASE NOTE: Please review the posted documents again regarding background check requirement changes. There has been a change made by a local clinical agency regarding misdemeanor convictions that would lead to Fail on MCCCD Supplemental Background check.

On the prior documents it stated
"Any other misdemeanor conviction within the last 4 years"
We have now received word from the clinical agency that should state:
"Any other misdemeanor conviction within last 3 years"