Organizational Management

Organizational Management

Organize your future!

The Organizational Management program at EMCC provides students with the technical skills and training that lead to a rewarding career in management. Successful students will receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Certificate of Completion (CCL).

The AAS in Organizational Management program is for the supervisor or manager who needs a flexible, customized program that does not require mastery of advanced math or accounting skills.

The program includes:

  • Job Training courses help people advance their career and expand their opportunities. This program is flexible in that you create your own Customized Job Training Plan. The only requirement is “at least 9 credits must have a common subject or theme.” Courses from any Maricopa Community College District degree program or regionally accredited college can be used to meet this requirement.

  • Management Core courses teach the basic skills it takes to be a Front-Line Manager. Complete all six courses to earn a Certificate in Organizational Leadership (CCL).

  • Academic courses teach the breadth of knowledge needed to live a full and productive life.

When you enroll in the Organizational Management program, you become part of the Business Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks, scholarships, internships and other professional opportunities within their selected field of study. Take a look Inside the Program for a glimpse as to what you can expect as a Business student.

Gainful Employment Info: EMCC cares about your future and education decisions. For a better understanding of what your degree or certificate will cost, how long it will take and what financial assistance is available, we’ve provided info for the certificate here.

Special requirements: None

Course Sequence: From supervision and leadership, to procedures and preparation, EMCC brings you to the heart of the industry. Your education is already mapped out for you:

Organizational Leadership-CCL
Organizational Management-AAS

Advising: The Organizational Leadership Certificate (CCL) consists of completing the Core Requirements of the Organizational Management AAS degree program. The certificate program is NOT intended for those pursuing an advanced degree. However, it does provide a respected educational credential for possible career advancement, and builds a knowledge base for business management skills.

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Career and Employment Outlook

The Organizational Management program is designed to prepare students for careers within the corporate, private business and public service. Read more from O*NET.

Transfer Options

After completing the AAS or CCL, you will be well-prepared to begin your career path, complete an AAS or transfer to a university for a bachelor's degree.

At EMCC, get a degree in... And transfer to a university to get a degree in...
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Bachelor of Applied Science