Organizational Management

Organizational Management - AAS

Effective term: 
2019 Fall
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Shared by: CG, EM, GC, GW, MC, PC, PV, RS, SC, SM

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Organizational Management program is designed with a customized curriculum specific to the student's individual needs in addition to the knowledge and skills needed in today's changing workplace. The program provides leadership and communication skills and techniques for planning, organizing, leading and controlling business situations. This program also emphasizes procedures for effective resource allocation. A Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Organizational Leadership is fully embedded in this AAS.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better for all courses required within the program.

Certificate of Completion in Organizational Leadership (5731) - Requirements listed below
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3) 3
GBS110Human Relations in Business and Industry (3) OR
MGT251Human Relations in Business (3) 3
GBS120Workplace Communication Skills 3
GBS151Introduction to Business 3
MGT175Business Organization and Management (3) OR
TQM240Project Management in Quality Organizations (3) 3
MGT101Techniques of Supervision (3) OR
MGT229Management and Leadership I (3) 3
Restricted Electives
Students must choose 20 industry/job related course credits from any MCCCD occupational program and/or Academic Certificate.
Industry/job related course credits must include a minimum of 9 credits with a common subject or theme. Program of study must be approved by the business department chair or designee.
General Education
General Education RequirementCredits 22-27
General Education CoreCredits 12-17
First-Year CompositionCredits 6
ENG101First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG107First-Year Composition for ESL (3) AND
ENG102First-Year Composition (3) OR
ENG108First-Year Composition for ESL (3) 6
Oral CommunicationCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Oral Communication area.
Critical ReadingCredits 0-3
CRE101College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking (3) OR
Equivalent by assessment 0-3
MathematicsCredits 3-5
Any approved general education course from the Mathematics [MA] area. 3-5
General Education DistributionCredits 10
Humanities and Fine ArtsCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Humanities, Arts and Design area. 3
Social and Behavioral SciencesCredits 3
Any approved general education course from the Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB] area. 3
Natural SciencesCredits 4
Any approved general education course in the Natural Sciences (Quantitative) [SQ] area or the Natural Sciences (General) [SG] area. 4
  1. Create and use effective oral, written, and visual business communication skills. (GBS120, (COM), (CRE), [FYC], [HU])
  2. Critically evaluate the alternatives faced in business decision making to select the most effective and efficient solution. (GBS110, GBS151, MGT101, MGT175, MGT229, MGT251, TQM240, (CRE), [MA], [SG], [SQ])
  3. Recognize ethical, legal, and global dimensions in business practice and how business integrates social responsibility into operations/decision making. (BPC110, CIS105, GBS110, GBS151, MGT101, MGT175, MGT229, MGT251, TQM240, [SB])
  4. Research, locate, and evaluate business information in order to support evidence-based decisions. (BPC110, CIS105, GBS110 , GBS120, GBS151, MGT101, MGT175, MGT229, MGT251, TQM240, [FYC], [SB])
  5. Use team collaboration to solve business problems. (BPC110, CIS105, GBS110, GBS151, MGT101, MGT229, MGT251,(COM), [HU])
  6. Apply current technology to specific business tasks. (BPC110, CIS105)
  7. Evaluate organizational structures and the functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in a business setting. (GBS151, MGT175, MGT101, MGT229, TQM240)