Small Business Management

Small Business Management

Create your own future!

The Small Business Management program at EMCC provides students with the technical skills and training that lead to a rewarding career in entrepreneurialism. Successful students will receive a Certificate of Completion (CCL).

The courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to own and/or manage a small business. It is a flexible program composed of one and two-credit courses, offered on convenient, non-traditional schedules and can be completed rapidly.

The Small Business Series curriculum is a combination of six business courses that assist students and business entrepreneurs develop a personal, comprehensive small business plan. The development of this business plan will serve as a blueprint for business operations to increase operational efficiency and grow the business. A professional business plan is usually required to secure funding from banks and other loaning entities.

When you enroll in a Business program, you become part of the Business Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks, scholarships, internships and other professional opportunities within their selected field of study. Take a look Inside the Program for a glimpse as to what you can expect as a Business student.

Gainful Employment Info: EMCC cares about your future and education decisions. For a better understanding of what your degree or certificate will cost, how long it will take and what financial assistance is available, we’ve provided info for the certificate here.

Special requirements: None

Course Sequence: From supervision and leadership, to procedures and preparation, EMCC brings you to the heart of the industry. Your education is already mapped out for you in the checksheet.

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Career and Employment Outlook

The Small Business Management program is designed to prepare students for careers managing a small organization. Read more from O*NET.

Transfer Options

After completing the CCL, you will be well-prepared to begin your career path, start an AAS or transfer to a university for a bachelor's degree.