Small Business Management

Small Business Management - CCL

This program is not eligible for Financial Aid
Effective term: 
2014 Spring
Final term: 
2019 Summer
Total credits required: 
Program Availability: 
Shared by: EMCC, GWCC

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Small Business Management program is designed to meet the needs of individuals who wish to own and/or manage a small business.

Program notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better required for all courses within the program. This program is not eligible for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.

These courses must be taken concurrently within one semester.
SBS200Small Business Operations 2
SBS202Small Business Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation 1
SBS203Financing and Cash Management for a Small Business 1
SBS204Small Business Marketing and Advertising 2
SBS214Small Business Customer Relations 1
SBS220Internet Marketing for Small Business 2
  1. Evaluate the unique operational problems affecting different types of small business and generate possible solutions for these problems. (SBS200)
  2. Use a business plan and budget to develop a comprehensive action plan. (SBS200, SBS202, SBS203, SBS204, SBS214, SBS220)
  3. Describe the type, uses and purposes of various financial statements. (SBS202)
  4. Contrast and compare bootstrap financing, equity financing and debt financing. (SBS203)
  5. Describe the effective use of advertising media for small business. (SBS204)
  6. Describe methods for evaluating the return on investment of an advertising campaign. (SBS204)
  7. Present a product emphasizing the features and benefits which meet the buyers needs. (SBS214)
  8. Apply the elements of small business management to a real or simulated business situation. (SBS200)
  9. Identify tax-planning techniques to minimize taxation and protect the interests of yourself and your business. (SBS202)
  10. Describe common tax problems and pitfalls affecting the small business and how to avoid them. (SBS202)
  11. Create a system for retaining customers and developing customer loyalty for your business. (SBS214)
  12. Describe effective staff planning, personnel cost control and discipline methods. (SBS220)