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Special Education


A degree in Special Education enables the holder to teach students with special needs in the area(s) for which the teacher is qualified:

  • cross categorical which can include learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, mild or moderate intellectual disabilities, autism
  • sensory impairments (hearing and vision)
  • low incidence disabilities (severe, profound, multiple disabilities; other health impairments; physical impairments; traumatic brain injury)
  • early childhood special education

Why Special Education @EMCC?

EMCC offers courses for students to complete both degree programs.   Education courses, and particularly Introduction to the Exceptional Learner (EDU222), provide a strong foundation for a career in teaching and include field experiences and practicums to give students real-world classroom experiences.

This program is part of the Teacher Education Institute at EMCC, which helps students succeed by offering educational networks and professional opportunities within their selected field(s) of study.

Career and Employment Outlook

Special Education teaching certification is valid for grades K-12.  Therefore, students can choose to pursue an Associate in Arts in Elementary Education (AAEE) Degree if they are more interested in teaching grades 1-8, or students can choose to pursue an Associate in Arts (AA) Degree if they are more interested in teaching grades 7-12.  These degrees transfer as a block to any of Arizona’s state universities as well as private institutions.

Additional Information

Uncertain about which track is best for you? Contact Jason Galaviz, Teacher Education and Early Childhood program program advisor, by email or at 623-935-8825.

University Transfer Options

Maricopa Degree Options

At EMCC, get a degree in... And transfer to a university to get a degree in...
Associate in Arts, Elementary Education (AAEE) Bachelor of Arts in Education
Associate in Arts (AA) Bachelor of Arts in Education

Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program

This program has an MAPP (Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program) option. For more information about the MAPP program and to find additional information, see the MAPP page.