Public Safety

Key Request and ID Card Access


Keys/card keys may be issued in response to a departmental or individual request with appropriate justification.  Keys/card keys will be issued for spaces accessed by an employee during the performance of his/her job responsibilities.  Keys/card keys are issued for the sole use of the requestor. Access the Key Request Form here.

1.    Requests are processed and approved in the following sequence:

  • a.     A legible request form is completed by the requestor.

                      Replacement requests for lost/stolen keys require a copy Public Safety Report written to the key request form in addition

                       to the Cashier’s receipt documenting payment received for replacement(s).

                      Replacement requests for a damaged key MUST have the damaged key attached to the request form.

                      Lost/stolen keys must be reported to the Public Safety Department immediately.

  • b.    The request form is submitted to the Department Chair/Supervisor for approval.
  • c.    The request form is submitted to the Public Safety Department for approval.

2.    If a request is denied by Public Safety, the reason will be indicated on the form returned to the requestor’s Department Chair/Supervisor.  If the denial is supported by the Department Chair/Supervisor, the process terminates.  If the denial is appealed based upon additional justification, the request is re-submitted for consideration by the Public Safety Commander or Lieutenant.  If the request is denied, additional appeals may be submitted to the Vice President of Administrative Services for final review.

3.    To receive access to a new/renovated building, or when changing offices, the requester will return ALL previously issued keys/card keys upon vacating the space. Requests for new keys will be processed as outlined in #2 through #5.

4.    The requestor will be notified when the key/card key may be picked up from Public Safety.  The requestor will sign the request form acknowledging receipt and agreement to abide by the College’s Key/Card Key Control Procedures & Use Guidelines.

5.    Upon termination or contract end, keys/card keys must be returned to Public Safety. Failure to do so may result in the replacement cost of the item(s) and/or the lock(s) being deducted from your final paycheck.

6.    Employees issued keys/card keys acknowledge that they may only be used in the performance of official college business performed within their assigned duties and responsibilities.  Keys/card keys may not be loaned to others.  Misuse or abuse of access privileges could result in forfeiture of access privileges and disciplinary action.

7.    Learning spaces Card Key Access Protocol:

  • a.     All instructors will request a Staff Identification/card key.  Individual card keys will be programmed to provide access to learning spaces in designated buildings based on published class calendars.
  • b.     Instructors will unlock learning spaces with their card keys in designated buildings. At the end of class, and when all students have left the room, instructor will lock them with their card keys and confirm the door is closed. Instructors are responsible for College property while they are in charge of the space.  Card keying in and out will provide documentation to facilitate determination of responsibility.
  • c.     Malfunctioning locks/doors and missing or damaged equipment should be reported to Public Safety immediately.