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Criterion III: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Criterion 3 - Team Leaders
Criterion 3 - Team Leaders

The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.

The Criterion III team at EMCC is dedicated to the proposition that learning is not a spectator sport. If finding the answers to the key learning college questions of What are students learning? and How do we know? is integral to your work at the college - you’ll be contributing to Criterion III work. The HLC Handbook of Accreditation states, The test of (effective) teaching is the learning achieved by students. The EMCC Criterion III team will track and analyze all the evidence available to demonstrate how EMCC meets, exceeds or needs improvement to pass this test.

Criterion Team Leads:

Joyce Jackson, Fiona Lihs, Jim Nichols, and Sylvia Orr

If you are interested in becoming a Student Learning and Effective Teaching team member or would like more information, please contact Jim Nichols by e-mail or call 623.935.8065.