Self Study 2011

Criterion Team Roles

Dr. Bryan Tippett and Dr. Stephanie Fujii, Self-Study Coordinators
Dr. Bryan Tippett and Dr. Stephanie Fujii, Self-Study Coordinators

Self-Study Coordinators – Provide leadership and guidance of the institutional self-study for accreditation. Develop, coordinate and communicate the purposes, processes and means by which all employees can engage and contribute to the identification, collection, articulation, and summary of evidence.

Executive Team – Comprised of the college’s senior leadership. Serves as advisory board providing guidance and input into self-study processes (decision making body, i.e., resources, budget). Executive Team members serve as liaisons working and supporting criterion team leaders.

Steering Team – Large body comprised of coordinators, project writer, executive team, and criterion team leaders. Help to communicate, coordinate and organize self study, and craft the plan for self study. Facilitate engagement and participation by college.

Criterion Team Leaders – Provide leadership and guidance, supervising collection of patterns of evidence for criteria. Involved in determination of which examples of evidence to include in respective criterion report. Examples of specific types of responsibilities:

  • Help identify and recruit members/participation for committee.
  • Meet regularly with Criterion Committee, providing leadership (chairing, record keeping of meetings)
  • Motivate members; keep them focused, on-task.
  • Attend regular Steering Committee meetings, updating of respective committee efforts and status.

Criterion Teams – Teams created to investigate and analyze data (evidence, documentation, patterns of evidence). Meet regularly to:

  • Understand the criteria.
  • Search for examples of evidence that are specific to EMCC and that address the criteria.
  • Decide how the gathering of evidence will be collected and analyzed.

Project Writer – The project writer works closely and collaboratively with the Self-Study Steering Committee in the outlining, writing and editing of all written materials submitted for the college’s self-study report. The project writer is responsible for compiling the criterion's committee reports into chapter drafts for the self-study report.