SouthWest Skill Center

Admission Packets

Thank you for choosing the Southwest Skill Center to be your education partner.  Please select the application packet from the Downloads list for the program you are applying to.

Admission Packets

Select Allied Health Admission Packet for admission to Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy and Medical Interpreter - Spanish programs.  

Select EMT Admission Packet for admission to the Emergency Medical Technology program.

Select Medical Billing & Coding Admission Packet for admission to the Medical Billing & Coding program.

All Financial Aid eligible programs (600 clock hours or more) as listed below, require the completed Admission Packets to be turned in 3 weeks before the start date. If you are paying for the program without Financial Aid, packets can be turned in up to 2 weeks prior to the start date. A timeline is included in the packet to help you determine when to start the admission process, but it can take up to 14 weeks to meet all of the requirements for some programs. This means that if you are receiving Financial Aid, you should start the process at least 16 weeks before the start date. 

See link below for completing background check and requirements for Medical Assistant, Medical Interpreter-Spanish and Phlebotomy Technician only:


Several programs have externship requirements.  Refer to the admission packets and individual program handbooks to learn about specific requirements for participation in externships. Reliable transportation is required and students attending evening programs must understand that most externships are offered only on daytime shifts, so students must be prepared to attend accordingly.

Please contact the advisor if you have additional questions.