SouthWest Skill Center

Mission and Vision and Values

Our Mission: 

Building Tomorrow's Skills -- Today!

The SouthWest Skill Center creates innovative learning opportunities for learners to successfully accomplish their educational, occupational and personal goals. We do this by responding to the workforce and life-long learning needs of the community, providing opportunities to receive training and learn skills that enhance the well being of both the community and the learner.

We accomplish our mission through:

Workforce Development

Responding to the community's dynamic workforce needs by establishing partnerships and creating relevant programs of study, training and services.

Community Education

Providing learning experiences that enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of life-long learners.

Our Vision:

We provide exceptional and creative learning experiences that prepare all learners to achieve their dreams and transform their lives.

Our Values:

We value learning and engagement through: 

  • Being accountable to fulfill goals, objectives and responsibilities.
  • Being truthful, respectful, sincere, and responsible in your interactions with others. 
  • Considering the contributions and worldviews of others.
  • Promoting an inclusive campus culture that supports social awareness.
  • Committing to comprehensive inter-cultural learning and awareness. 
  • Growing partnerships and building relationships that enhance the learning environment.
  • Practicing communication methods that engage all learners. 
  • Committing to the continued exploration and development of successful learning practices.
  • Encouraging creativity and professional exploration within our community of learners. 
  • Understanding how our actions impact the local and global community.
  • Reducing negative effects on the environment through proactive and sustainable practices.
  • Applying practices that encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility.