SouthWest Skill Center

Program Information at a Glance

Program Info at a Glance
Program Clock Hours F/A Tuition & Fees* Age Adm Pkt Pmt Plan
Emergency Medical Technology 208 No $ 1,255.00   Yes Yes
Medical Assistant*** 830 Yes $ 5,258.00 17.5 Yes Yes
Medical Billing & Coding 805 Yes $ 4,280.00 17.5 Yes Yes
Medical Interpreter - Spanish*** 170 No $ 996.00 17.5 Yes Yes
Phlebotomy*** 410 No $ 2,575.00 17.5 Yes Yes

*EMCC Tuition Course Fees are approved by the Governing Board. Student may incur other costs (such as out-of-pocket expenses like books, background checks, uniforms, immunizations, etc.) in order to gain admission to these programs. See program pages or an advisor for more details.

** Out of Pocket Expenses (such as books, background checks, uniforms, immunizations, etc.) will not be reimbursed by SWSC if the cohort is changed or cancelled.  

*** These programs include an externship component. Refer to admission requirements and student handbooks for specific requirements in each program. Contact the advisor if you have more questions.