Advisors can provide students with vital information about requirements for certificates, associate degrees, transfer information, admission requirements, and courses that will best prepare students for their particular major. Each of our advisors has a specialty area related to a college major or group of majors.  We recommend that you meet with the advisor for your major or program at least once per year to help you plan the path to your educational goals.

Advisors are available in Komatke Hall by appointment or on a walk in basis. 
No appointments are scheduled during our high traffic months of July, August and January.

  • General Information / Prospective Students
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  • Marsha Carlen (located in Veterans' Center)
    Specialty: Students using VA benefits
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  • Eva Cruz
    Specialty: Administration of Justice & Fire Science
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  • Linda Cutright
    Specialty: Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, & Human Services
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  • Jason Galaviz
    Specialty: Education
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  • Beverly Garwood
    Specialty: General Advisement
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  • Marcia Hernandez
    Specialty: Nursing
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  • Rikki Karren​
    Specialty: New Students
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  • Catrina Kranich
    Interim Director, Career and Educational Planning
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  • Juanita Parra
    Specialty: Business, Culinary, & Power Plant Technology
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  • Daniel Ramos
    Specialty: Information Technology, Computer Science, Networking, Web Development, & Cyber Security, ESL
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  • Nuria Sanchez
    Specialty: STEM
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  • Tracy Tanner
    Specialty: Online Advising & Healthcare
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