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Black History Month Events Calendar

Join the Celebration!

In celebration of Black History Month, Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) presents cultural and community events that honor the achievements of Black people and the importance of civil rights in America.

EMCC will be hosting Black History Month events throughout February that feature learning, cultural experiences, film, art, and food. See below for the full calendar of events.



Black History Month was officially recognized in 1976 to honor the accomplishments of Black people throughout American history.

Looking back at Allenville — Buckeye’s all-Black community

In honor of Black History Month, we’re looking back at Allenville, an all-Black community that lived in harmony from 1944 until 1978 when a devastating flood forced everyone to abandon the one-square-mile town for good...

Senator Shirley Chisholm working as a census taker in the 1970 census.
Did you know?

Shirley Chisholm was the first Black woman to hold a seat in Congress in 1968 and worked as a census taker in the 1970 general census. She was also the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for President of the United States in 1972.

As a senator, Chisholm introduced more than 50 pieces of legislation and championed racial and gender equality, the plight of the poor, and ending the Vietnam War.

Chisholm once said, “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair."

Civil Rights Leader Robert Williams
Did you know?

Robert Williams, the grandson of a former slave, was born in 1925 in Monroe, North Carolina. Williams was an American civil rights leader who believed in the right to self-defense against racist violence.

As early as the late 1940s, Williams was advocating armed self-reliance for migrant laborers and victims of civil rights abuses—views that were uncommon at the time among civil rights activists.

Williams once said, “Nowhere in the annals of history does the record show a people delivered from bondage by patience alone.” 

Event Calendar






Black History Month Kick-Off Reception

Wed, 2/5 

12pm - 2pm



Birth of a Nation Film Screening I

Thurs, 2/6 

1pm - 2:15pm

Mr. Alex Andrews

CTL - South

South Southwest Black History Community Celebration

Sat, 2/8 

11am - 4:30pm

Ms. Linda Cutright

EMCC Ceremonial Plaza

Birth of a Nation Film Screening II

Tues, 2/11 

1pm - 2:15pm

Mr. Alex Andrews

CTL- South

Old School v. New School: Bridging the Gap

Wed, 2/12

12pm - 2pm

Dr. Deborah Cotton

CTL - North

Presentation: Black Wall Street

Thurs, 2/13

1pm - 2:30pm

Mr. Rorvis Gilmore

Student Union

Trauma in the Black Community I

Tues, 2/18

11am - 1:30pm

Dr. Carlian Dawson

Plaza Gallery

Discussion on Microaggressions

Tues 2/25

 11am - 1:30pm

Dr. Lewis Brownlee
Mr. Daniel Meador

Student Union

MLK Luncheon

Wed, 2/26

12pm -1:30 pm

Student Life

Estrella Conf Center

What to Do When Stopped by Police?

Thurs, 2/27


Mrs. Cheryl Gipson Thurman


For additional info, contact Najmah Muhammad at 623-935-8488 or Tulani Garnett 623-935-8802.