Financial Aid

SouthWest Skill Center

SouthWest Skill Center Financial Aid Disbursement & Book Advance Information

Please note that the SouthWest Skill Center uses Clock Hours not Credits for financial aid eligibility.  In doing so, the SWSC financial aid is processed and disbursed in a different manner than financial aid for other programs.  Please read below for an explanation of the disbursement process for the SWSC.


Federal Direct Loans

Loans are divided into two equal disbursements.  The first disbursement is issued towards the beginning of the program. 

The second disbursement occurs a few weeks after the student has completed at least half of both the Clock Hours and the weeks of enrollment required for the program, as documented in the Student Information System. 

For SWSC programs that have two blocks, the second disbursement will not be released until the second block has begun and it has been confirmed that the student has completed the first block with passing grades.

Federal Pell Grants

The Offered Amount of Pell Grant that is posted on a student’s account is the student’s total Pell Grant eligibility for the SWSC program.  This total amount will not be disbursed at one time.  It will be disbursed gradually, on a monthly basis.

Please Note:  If a SWSC program crosses two academic years, the Pell Grant Amount will be calculated until June 30th.   A student would need to complete a new FAFSA, for the subsequent Academic Year, to determine if he/she has additional Pell Grant Eligibility beginning July 1st.  

The Pell Grant amount that disburses corresponds to the Clock Hours that a student completes.  Approximately mid-month, the Pell Grant disburses for the prior month.  The monthly Pell Grant amount is calculated by multiplying the total Clock Hours that a student completes by the Pell Grant hourly rate. 

Book Advance

SWSC students who would like to receive book advances, will need to have sufficient financial aid funds to cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books.  In many cases, students need to borrow Direct Loans in order to have enough extra financial aid to cover books.  Students who need to borrow Direct Loans will need to complete the Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling at before the Book Advance will be issued.  Book Advances will automatically be issued to students who have sufficient financial aid.  No further action is needed on the student’s part.  Book Advances will disburse approximately one week before the Program/Block begins.  Once the book advance is issued, please allow 4-6 business days to receive it through the MSRP Program.

Refunds - Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP)

SWSC students are billed monthly for the program tuition.  Students do not receive refunds from financial aid until the program charges have been secured fully.  This typically results in financial aid refunds not being issued to students until at least half-way through the program. 

Students will receive an email from My Money Network in their official student email account.  My Money Network will provide three options for financial aid refunds: Direct Deposit into Bank Account, Maricopa One Card, or a Refund Check.  Students should follow the instructions in the email in order to sign up for the preferred refund method.