Student FAQs

Unfortunately if the company is not a partner with EMCC you cannot pursue college credit. However, if the company is open to completing the paperwork to become a partner, please connect them to the Internship Program at or 623-935-8741 and someone will get back to them to begin the process. Please note that your "working" hours with the company cannot be “counted” until the company has completed ALL paperwork and the partnership is finalized.

If a student is interested in past or filled internships, please email the Internship Coordinator, Alexandra Camacho and include; your name, your student ID number, the name of the internship and the company where the internship is held. The coordinator will then reach out to the company to see if there are additional opportunities for interns. 

Internship experience can be put on resumes and is encouraged to do so. Employers like to see that the applicant already has some sort of experience in the career field.

If students need help with their resume and cover letter the Career and Transfer Center can assist students with getting one started or polishing it up. Students may contact the Career and Transfer Center front desk to set up an appointment for resume/cover letter assistance. Appointments may be set up in person, over the phone, or by email. Applicants may contact the Career and Transfer Center at 623-935-8740 or