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Career Resources

offers many activities and services to help you with your academic goals. The AzCIS is an all inclusive online career resource tailored to fit your needs. In the online resource you can complete:

  • career assessments
  • conduct career and academic major exploration
  • select and save your career, major, and educational goals
  • receive information on resumes, interviewing and job searching

If you are interested in taking the AzCIS Career Assessments, please refer to the downloads section to the right that contains step by step directions. If you have any questions, 

Career Information:
  • What can I do with this major? Thinking of a major but not sure what you can do with it? This website can provide information on different areas of employment for your major, employers that hire in those areas, and useful strategies. The downloadable pdf files are great takeaways for each major and provide useful information.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics website allows you to search through a list of all occupations alphabetically. Find everything from salary information to advancement opportunities all at once.
  • Inside Jobs offers thousands of unique career profiles that are fun to read and include videos, salary ranges, and work environment information.
  • What can I do with a major in... This website is very helpful in connecting actual job titles to majors. Click on any major to get a list of job titles most associated with that major and it will then direct you to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to get information on that career.  
  • My Next Move allows you to explore occupations and related information including job openings, salary information, employment outlook and much more!
Career Videos: