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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do in E2?

Estrella Mountain is committed to providing students with opportunities for learning and engagement. E2  connects you with EMCC employees and community members to increase your academic and career success

Since your time and availability may vary, E2  provides many levels of participation to meet your needs. E2 offers:

  • 1-to-1 Mentoring
  • Career Interviews
  • Job Shadowing
  • Peer Mentoring

You can participate in all of the E2 paths or select the opportunities which fit your goals. EVERY student at EMCC can participate in E2.

One-to-One mentoring pairs you with an Estrella Mountain mentor, who will provide guidance to you (mentee) throughout the semester, academic year or your program. A 1-to-1 mentor help you focus on college success (development of overall skills and academic success tips) and assists with setting academic and career goals. As a mentee, you set the goals you want to accomplish and the mentor will help you reach those objectives.

On the E2 application, select "One-to-one Mentoring":

  • Apply by the semester deadline.
  • Complete the requirements for the one-to-one mentoring. 

The E2 program requirements include:

  1. Attend an orientation. During the orientation you will learn skills for professional interactions and establish your goals for the mentoring interactions.
  2. Attend the Launch party. During the party (food!) you will receive your mentoring packet, meet your mentor and set up the first mentor meeting.
  3. Meet with your mentor during the semester. Typically, you meet with your mentor twice a month, for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Utilize the campus resources suggested by your mentor, including the Career Center and E2 activities. Your E2 mentor provides suggested activities in relation to the goals you have discussed with your mentor.
  5. Attend E2 events during the semester/year. The activities help you develop your skills and abilities for academic and career goals.

The goal of a 1-to-1 mentor is to connect you to resources, opportunities and activities which help you succeed in college and reach your career goals. The more you put into the mentoring relationship the more you get back.

Career interviews and job shadowing allow you to explore different career fields by interviewing and/or visiting with professionals. Both experiences work well if you do not have the time for 1-to-1 mentoring, but would like information about a particular job or career. Also, you can choose to do a career interview and/or job shadow to supplement your 1-to-1 mentoring experience. Career interviews will be coordinated first, with the potential to arrange a job shadowing experience with the professional based on availability. Both activities are open to all students who have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credit hours - merely specify your career direction and goal.

On the E2 application, select "Career Interview" and/or "Job Shadow":

  • Apply by the semester deadline.
  • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credits prior to being matched for a career interview and/or job shadow.
  • Communicate with the Career Center staff. REPLY to all emails and complete the requirements for interviewing a career professional.

The Career Center staff will assist you with the requirements:

  1. Complete a Kuder assessment.
  2. Receive a packet, which includes the name and contact information of the professional you will be interviewing and information to help you prepare for the interview.
  3. Contact the professional. Set a time, date and location for the interview or job shadow. (Make the initial contact with the professional and set up a convenient time – up to a 1-hour interview or up to a 4-hour job shadow.)
  4. Prepare for the interview or job shadow according to your career direction and goal. Career Center staff will help you construct your interview questions, so that you are prepared to ask and receive relevant information from the professional you are interviewing.
  5. Send thank you note to the professional.
  6. Complete the Career Center exit survey.

Campus and community professionals have agreed to volunteer their time for these activities. The professionals work with the Career Center and are happy to participate. You will engage in professional communication skills during the interview or job shadow, which may help you in future career goals!

A peer mentor is assigned to a specific class. The peer mentor is a student role model in the class and will work with students in the class on college success tips. A peer mentor is NOT a teaching assistant or a tutor. Peer mentors participate in specific training prior to being assigned to a class.

If you want to become a peer mentor, you must apply to the Peer Mentor program and be selected. Once selected, you complete the training and then attend your assigned class times during the entire semester or duration of the course. The Peer Mentor program is currently facilitated by Tanisha Johnson-Maxwell in the Counseling division of EMCC.

The great thing about E2 is that the program offers different activities with different time commitments ... everyone can get something from participating E2. E2 is designed to help you reach your educational/career goals by giving you options. Choose E2 activities that best fit with your time availability and commitment level:

1-to-1 Mentoring

  • Meet with your mentor twice a month, approximately 30 minutes each meeting
  • Meet two consecutive semesters or the duration of your program
  • Attend E2 activities and/or utilize E2 services. Choose activities and services that best support your established academic and career goals.

Career Interviews

  • Contact the career professional to set up an interview time/date (usually a 5 minute phone call)
  • Meet with and ask questions of the career professional for up to one hour

Job Shadowing

  • Contact the career professional to set up an time/date (usually a 5 minute phone call).
  • Shadow the career professional in their job setting for up to four hours.
  • The 4 hours can be configured in the most convenient manner for both student and career professional (for example, 2 hour blocks over 2 days).

Most of the time, issues can be resolved by communicating with people and solving problems together. If an issue arises between you and your mentoring relationship (1:1, interview, job shadow), contact the Engage Estrella program through email:

An E2 program representative will contact you and help facilitate a resolution. Please inform the E2 program as soon as possible, so that every effort can be made to help you.

EVERY student at EMCC can participate in E2 in some capacity! To participate, you need to:

  • Be enrolled and taking classes at EMCC during the semester.
  • Have completed high school or have a GED (a high school equivalency).

EVERY student at EMCC can participate in E2! The program is a simple process:

  • Apply online by the DEADLINE(s).
  • In the online application, select the E2 path(s) you want to participate in.
  • Respond to  E2 communication/emails.
  • Complete the requirements for the E2 path(s) you've selected (read below):
1-to-1 Mentoring
  1. Attend Orientation.
  2. After Orientation, attend Program Launch Party (meet your mentor).
  3. Begin 1-to-1 Mentoring.
  4. Attend  E2 activities and utilize campus resources, as needed and in relation to your goals.
  5. Complete program survey.
Career Interviews
  1. After application, reply to Career Center emails/communication.
  2. Complete Kuder.
  3. Schedule Interview. You contact the professional based on guidance from packet and arrange a convenient time to meet.
  4. Attend Interview. Prepare questions to ask about their educational and career path (packet will have example questions).
  5. After interview, send thank you note to professional.
  6. After interview, complete Career Center survey.
Job Shadowing
  1. After application, reply to Career Center emails/communication.
  2. Complete Kuder.
  3. Schedule Job Shadowing. You will contact the professional based on the suggestions and guidance from packet. Arrange a convenient time to meet and complete all the appropriate tasks before the job shadowing begins.
  4. Shadow Professional. During the job shadow, you can ask your prepared questions about their educational and career path (packet will have example questions).
  5. After job shadow, send thank you note to professional.
  6. After job shadow, complete a Career Center survey.