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Veteran's Vantage

Veteran Student Success
Veteran Student Success

Veteran's Vantage 

Veteran students enter college with unique skills and dedication required to succeed. However the transitional process from the military to a college campus can be challenging. Engage Estrella (E2) will pilot Veteran's Vantage in the Fall 2017, a program that seeks to provide a welcoming and supportive environment of camaraderie, student success, and career readiness unique to the veteran student.

Why Vantage?

By definition, Vantage means: 

  • A position, condition, or place affording some advantage or a commanding view. 

  • An advantage or superiority

What to Expect: 

Veteran's Vantage will connect veteran students with academic success tools, career readiness tools, and an accessible point of contact to provide assistance and connection to resources that provide opportunities for ease of transition to civilian life, a successful college experience, and future success. 

Based on the results of a 2016-2017 survey taken by Veteran Students, Veteran's Vantage will provide the following: 

Monthly Academic Success Tips & Career Readiness Workshops: 

  • GI Benefits and Voc Rehab Program Info
  • Communicating with Professors
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Financial Management Strategies
  • Successfully applying to Scholarships and Internships
  • Cover Letter and Resume Writing
  • Improving Interview Skills
  • Professional Networking

Virtual Mentorship: 

  • An accessible Point of Contact to check in with and provide assistance when needed
  • Monthly academic success tips, resources, and opportunity announcements
  • Primarily online communication with option for in-person meetings

Program Requirements:  

  • 1-semester commitment 
  • Complete an online orientation and survey
  • Check-in monthly with Virtual Mentor 
  • Attend at least 1 workshop per month

The Reward: 

  • Be better equipped to succeed in college
  • Become more marketable to civilian employers
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Meet other veteran students with similar interests

The program is free and open to all veteran students. 


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