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Veteran's Vantage (V2) Frequently Asked Questions

Veteran's Vantage (V2) is a 1-semester program that provides support and guidance to veteran students enrolled at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC). 

V2 Provides: 
  • Virtual Mentorship - Inclusive of academic success tips, guidance, connection to campus resources, and off-campus veteran services. Virtual Mentorship is provided by a mentor who will primarily communicate via an online Canvas course, with with opportunity for in-person communication as needed or desired. 
  • Career Readiness - Monthly workshops that focus on resume building, interview skills, and professional networking opportunities. 
  • Scholarship Opportunities - Not only will V2 provide a competitive scholarship opportunity for participants within the program, but V2 will also provide tips and an in-person workshop that show participants how to locate other scholarship opportunities and share tips on how to successfully apply and stand out from competitors.
V2 Goal: 

Ease transition to the college experience and civilian life, assist in academic success and college completion, promote career readiness and financial security.

Because we know that many veteran students have families, work obligations, school obligations, and other responsibilities that leave you with little time to waste, we've tailored the Veteran's Vantage (V2) program to a 1-semester commitment that generally looks like this: 

Getting Started: 
  1. Submit an online application by Aug 19, 2017. 
  2. Receive a welcome email with more details on how to log into the V2 Canvas Course.
  3. Program Start: Aug 22. Log into the V2 Canvas Course and complete a  5-minute online orientation and 5-10 minutes pre-assessment. 
  4. Check-in monthly for discussion board posts, success tips and announcements
  5. Attend a minimum of 1 in-person workshop per month. 

General Program Outline

(online success tips, resources, services, and opportunities, and accessible point of contact (mentor) for questions and additional assistance also included. See Virtual Mentorship FAQ.)

  • AUG - Online Orientation, Pre-Assessment, Discussion Board Post, 2 - 3 Workshop Opportunities (Attend Min. of 1)
  • SEP - Discussion Board Post, 2 - 3 Workshop Opportunities (Attend Min. of 1)
  • OCT - Discussion Board Post, 2 - 3 Workshop Opportunities (Attend Min. of 1)
  • NOV - Discussion Board Post, Professional Veteran Alumni Panel and Professional Networking Event
  • DEC - Discussion Board Post, Post-Assessment, In-Person Meeting with Mentor to discuss assist with transition into next semester

The Pre & Post Assessment are used to identify and tailor the V2 program to best meet student needs. 

We know that many veteran students have families, work obligations, school obligations, and other responsibilities that leave you with little time to waste! Some students prefer in-person mentor meetings, while others do not. Therefore V2 will provide a mentor who will primarily communicate with you via the online Canvas course with an option for in-person meetings. 

Who is the V2 Mentor:
  • An EMCC employee and military veteran who understands various challenges that students face when transitioning from military to college and civilian life, and who is fully knowledgeable of campus resources and VA services. The mentor will share knowledge and experience, provide a listening ear, and connect students with appropriate resources. 
The V2 Mentor will:
  • Post Discussion Board Topics of Conversation, Success Tips, and share resources and opportunities you may be interested in.
  • Primarily communicate with you via Canvas discussions
  • Check-in via a monthly phone call to see how you're doing and if you have any additional questions he/she can help you with.
  • May schedule in-person meetings with you, based on your availability, to follow up with additional assistance specific to your needs. You may request an in-person meeting at any time. 
The V2 Mentor is available via: 
  • Online Canvas Course
  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-Person Meetings
  • The V2 Mentor will also be present at program workshops for additional questions and assistance.

Based on the results of a 2016-2017 survey completed by veteran students, V2 will provide the following workshops:


  • Communicating Effectively with Professors
  • Financial Management Strategies
  • Understanding GI Benefits


  • Finding Scholarship Opportunities (And tips to successfully apply)
  • Effective Cover Letter and Resume Writing (How to successfully transfer military skills to a civilian resume)
  • Voc Rehab Information Session


  • Finding Internship Opportunities (And how to successfully apply)
  • Effective Interview Skills (How to effectively communicate military experience in civilian terms, and stand out against competitors)
  • Mock Interviews (Practice Interviewing)


  • Professional Veteran Alumni Panel (Opportunity to hear from and ask questions to professionals who have been where you're at.) 

  • Networking Event (Now that you have a resume ready, let's meet with professionals who may be seeking to hire.)


  • No workshops. It's the end of semester, let's focus on successfully passing finals! 

Time Requirement: 
  • Although you are encouraged to attend all workshops, you only need attend 1 V2 workshop per month. 
  • Most workshops will be 1 hour long with the opportunity to meet with facilitator for additional questions and support. 
  • V2 will try it's best to schedule workshops at a time when most participants are available. 

Workshop Facilitators: 

Depending on the workshop topic, workshops will be facilitated by an individual or department who has expertise in that area. Both workshop facilitator(s) and V2 mentor will be present to answer additional questions and schedule individual meetings following the workshop if desired. Workshop facilitators may include: 

  • EMCC Veterans Services Center Personnel 
  • VA Personnel
  • Center for Military & Veteran's Success - West Valley Personnel
  • EMCC Career & Transfer Personnel
  • Maricopa Community College Faculty 
  • Veteran Alumni
  • Community Professionals

Career Readiness workshops will be offered during the program to prepare you for a networking event with professionals at the end of the program. Career Readiness workshops include cover letter and resume building, and successful interview skills (see Monthly Workshop FAQ for details). 

What types of professionals/career fields will be included in this event?

In your online application and program pre-assessment, you will be asked to identify your major and desired career field (or career field of exploration). Based on responses, V2 will collaborate with the Career & Transfer Center and EMCC Alumni Association to seek professionals in each of these career fields.

Will I know what professionals will be at the networking event ahead of time?

Yes. Participants will receive this information prior to the alumni panel and networking event. 

Does this guarantee me a job?

Although we cannot guarantee you will be hired for any positions while in the program, V2 can assist by providing the tools to be better equipped and more marketable to civilian employers. 

All participants of V2 will be given the opportunity to apply for the V2 Scholarship. 

Scholarship Eligibility:
  • Complete Program Requirements (provided in V2 Checklist)
    • Complete orientation 
    • Complete pre-assessment survey
    • Check-In Monthly via Canvas Discussion Board
    • Attend a minimum of 1 program workshop per month
    • Complete post assessment
Amount Awarded: 
  • $500 - $1000
  • Awarded at the end of the Fall semester, prior to last day of school
  • Scholarship money can be used for tuition, transfer, books, or any other financial need (to included personal needs) and will not affect financial aid or GI Benefits.
Do all participants receive the scholarship?
  • As of now V2 can only guarantee 1 - 2 scholarship awards. Therefore it will be a competitive process for participants who complete the above requirements. However, the V2 Mentor will provide assistance in submitting a successful application. Additionally, V2 will provide assistance in finding and applying to other scholarship opportunities. 

Veteran's Vantage (V2) is open to all veteran students enrolled at EMCC. There are no additional requirements to be eligible for the program. 

V2 will accept up to 30 veteran students per semester. Should more than 30 students apply, V2 may give preference to new students or first 30 students to apply. Those who apply and are not entered in the program will be notified and given priority in the following semester. 

A veteran is defined as any person who has served in the U.S. military (ex. Separated, Retired, Active, Reserve).