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Student Success Workshops


This workshop will focus on identifying the different types of procrastinators, review 4 types of procrastination styles, and provide strategies for how you can overcome your tendencies to procrastinate.


Test Taking & Test Anxiety

This workshop will focus on the skills necessary to be successful at effectively preparing for exams.  Relevant topics such as study strategies, procrastination, and overcoming test anxiety will be covered.


Goal Setting                                                                       

This workshop will focus on how to set a goal that is specific, measureable, actionable, realistic, and time bound. You can use this workshop to set quality academic, career, and/or personal goals.


Pathways to Student Success   

This workshop will focus on strategies and career resources that can help you choose a major that matches your career/educational goals and clarify the steps of the university transfer process.


Motivation and Graduation

This workshop will focus on how to maintain your motivation and inspiration during your time at EMCC by providing the steps every student should know in order to prepare for graduation.


Talking with your Professors

This workshop will focus on the importance of communication between students and professors.  It’s what every student should know to maximize the utilization of your professor as a resource for academic success.


Relax, Relate, Release

This workshop will help you understand the difference between positive and negative coping strategies for stress and include tips to help you keep your stress level under control.