Service Learning

Alternative Break

Alternative Spring Break 2019

Join other Estrella Students, Faculty and Staff to help revitalize a beautiful outdoor area in our own backyard. EMCC faculty are stewards for the of Tres Rios water reclamation wetlands area (near PIR) and Alternative Spring Break will be one of the first big projects for EMCC in the area.

Participants will be removing litter from the trail entrance, repairing an informational gazebo which provides outreach on local nesting eagles, and documenting plant and animal species during a "Bioblitz" event.

Applications to join Alternative Spring Break are closed for 2019.  

Alternative breaks may occur during students’ fall, winter, weekend, or summer school breaks. Students learn about the social issues and then perform projects with local non-profit organizations that directly positively impact the community. Alternative breaks are also substance-free experiences, with a heavy emphasis on group and individual reflection.  This is a time for you to bond with and get to know your fellow Estrellans better.  A strong team can make huge changes in the community.

Any EMCC student is invited to apply.  Applications are closed for 2019

Applications are due February 4th.  Applications are closed for 2019.

Yes- keep track of your hours thru a log and with 100 hours+ you will be eligible for the Presidential Honors Award and medallion.

No, EMCC will provide transportation from EMCC to the site but if you would like to drive yourself we will provide details on where to meet.

 At the first orientation you will also be given the Risk and Talent Release Form to sign.

There will be a staff member from EMCC at the alternative break at all times.

The number of participants for each trip varies.

There is no associated cost.