Coffee Talk March 28, 2019 | EMCC
Student Life

Coffee Talk March 28, 2019

This has been brought back and we were just waiting to hear from students on ideal locations on campus. Now that we have those, we can install boards similar to the ones recently installed upstairs Estrella Hall.

Action Item: Bulletin boards need to be installed in areas identified by students.


There is currently a scheduling task force looking at maximizing enrollment at satellite campuses. This is certainly something they can look at.

Action Item: Refer this to scheduling task force to ensure course offerings at satellite campuses are at all levels.

his is something that would need to be further investigated to look at costs and where resources can be allocated from..

Action Item: Student Life will need to collect student feedback to measure current interest levels to determine plausibility of moving forward.

There are ADA requirements on the amount of pressure to open a door. Facilities will look into this and replace hardware if needed.

Action Item: Facilities to measure the pressure to open the study room doors and take action as needed.

This is something that would need to be championed by Student Life office to develop some type of sign-up or carpool website, perhaps on the Student Life website for interested students to participate.

Action Item: Student Life will need to champion this to measure current interest and collaborate with necessary parties to add “Student Carpool Parking” signs in parking lots if moving forward.

Recommended to students to reach out to instructors during office hour for additional support. Second, the Academic Success Center is available to students. Lastly, some classes have embedded tutors, a new initiative for developmental education courses that is part of the Title V grant. The effectiveness of this program will be measured over time to see if this is something that can be scaled over time to possible include other courses outside of Developmental Education.


There are going to be peak times after classes are getting out and during other times of year. Going to reach out to the Dean and Director of ASC to see what can be done about scheduling specific to math tutoring available during those peak times. Regards to leaving empty-handed, the tutoring philosophy at EMCC is to help students through the process of solving their problems, but they are not there to walk students through each problem individually. If students have questions about how to solve problems, ASC tutors are there to provide guidance, but not give answers.

Action Item: The Vice President of learning will reach out to Dean Orr and Director of ASC about strategic scheduling of math tutors during peak times.

Service learning is currently embedded into some courses. Student Life/Service Learning also recently completed the Alternative Spring Break working with a community partner and providing service opportunities for students. EMCC also hosts an annual United Way campaign in the fall and students can get involved with fundraising for the local community.

Student concerns about coverage of these issues. Needs to be addressed by Marketing.

Action Item: Student Life to reach out to Service Learning and Marketing about the marketing current service opportunities for students.

Tuition due dates are communicated from District Office and are currently set for Summer on 5/7 and Fall 7/29. Students will need to make sure they have taken one of three actions before these dates to secure their classes: (1) Have their financial aid application completed, (2) be enrolled on a payment plan, or (3) paid their balance in full.


This can be taken to the Division Chair of Modern Languages to see about offering more in-person offerings.

Action Item: Vice president of Learning will take this item to Division Chair of Modern Languages.