Student Life

Coffee Talk March 28, 2019

We have not yet found a solution for this challenge. Mesa Public Schools has found a way of offering translation services at their ceremonies and can connect audience member to someone from that system.

Action Item: Vice President of Student Affairs will connect governing board member to a representative from the Mesa Public Schools.

No. We are able to share general information about how students from all high schools are performing at our level, and we have similar partnerships with the Universities to see how our students are performing once they transfer to the 4-year institutions. We publish reports frequently on performance of high school graduates, and this information is shared with the high school districts every 3-4 years. EMCC has worked with high schools to provide general information.

Action Item: EMCC will connect governing board member to OPIE to see if EMCC can provide the information requested.

Yes. We need to hear from students on the most convenient times to host these workshops, and we can market the workshops to students. Also shared that Terri Quam is available for certain office hours in the ASC to assist students with scholarship essays and other forms of financial aid. EMCC does provide scholarship assistance in the ASC two days per week for individual help. Workshops have been provided as well, but there has been low student attendance.

Action Item: Student Life to work with students to determine best times to host FA workshops and reach out to the Director of Financial Aid.

Academic Advisors and the Career and Transfer Center should have the information students need regarding transfer, specifically to ASU. Some clubs and organizations also take field trips to ASU to tour the campus. There are also transfer ambassadors that are EMCC students who have went on to the University that can work with students that are housed in the Career and Transfer Center on specific days.