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Coffee Talk Dec 7, 2018 Action Items

We had heard similar comments and have purchased benches and more bench seating starting to be placed in Mariposa and Montezuma Hall.  We have also been recovering/recoating the outdoor silver benches and tables. Regarding kiosks, we will look for some designated spots. Per student requests, we have recently added white bulletin boards in Estrella Hall and in the Montezuma science area.  For student requests, we are always open to feedback and we can be reached directly through email and at events such as this.

We have a designated Admissions employee that offers same services for International Students.  Students can engage in a club, which can be started by talking with Tulani or Hershel here at Student LIfe.  Right now there is not enough students for a full department.

This is a Maricopa County Community Colleges District (MCCCD)  initiative that is designed to help students complete with the minimum number of courses using maps and Fields of Interest.  It will be rolling out fall 2020. Transformation information is located on the MCCCD website at, hopefully soon in an App as well. There are new payment options so students can stay enrolled.  You will see more communication coming as check sheets are available for your pathways. We are working with local high schools to communicate the Transformation/Guided Pathways work because we want students to start early on a path.  We had student input in naming the grouping of the pathways now called Fields of Interest. Keep your eyes open for information coming through Student Life in the spring for student focus groups so we can hear your perspective on these changes.

We are very excited that the over the summer the Governing Board granted Estrella Mountain $31 million for campus expansion.  We have been very limited on space, but this new expansion will include a new science lab, additional spaces for STEM and our Performing Arts Center as well as student spaces and staff offices.  In the spring, the construction starts for Montezuma Hall for the new lab. Another is that we do a lot to support innovative faculty for the best learning environment for students. Some ideas this year from faculty are the Community Garden, Makerspace for project-based learning, our Art Faculty member had his art recently posted in the Washington Post, and our Instructional Computing faculty member was awarded for curriculum development.  We are proud to offer service excellence to make sure student voices are heard. We strive to go above and beyond for service. We are one of the only colleges in the MCCCD that continues to grow. It is the people here who make the difference, we want to bring the best resources we can.

Every faculty has in their syllabus the rules about absences.  Our recommendation to you would be to communicate your situation with your instructor. They don’t know what the circumstances are as to why you are having to be absent if you do not communicate with them .  Also, we offer different modality that may work better for your schedule and offer the flexibility you need. We also have the Disability Resource Services department that can assist you, I recommend you contact them as well.  Temporary disability can give temporary accommodations, which may be an option for you as well.

We will talk to the Director of Tutoring about scheduling at busier times when there is higher demand and we will work to accommodate regarding having tutors available by topic.  Have you tried alternative forms of tutoring such as Kahn Academy or YouTube? There can be interactive sites that may assist. We would recommend going to your instructor during their office hours as they ultimately will be your best resources.