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Accuplacer Test Prep

Preparation is your KEY to SUCCESS! 

Practice your skills before taking the placement test, using the resources on the right.

You can also attend our In-person Math Prep Camp!  Sign up here!

Why should you prepare for the placement tests?

The higher you score on the placement tests, the fewer classes you'll need to take to get your degree!  You'll save time and money!

For example….

EAlg Test Score:            Math classes to get to college level:                                      
20-49                               3 classes (MAT 081, MAT 091, MAT 121/141)   
50-69                               2 classes (MAT 091, MAT 121/141)
70-120                             1 class (MAT 121/141)

EMCC offers free test prep resources to help you "brush up" on your skills for the English, reading and math placement tests.

Test prep assistance is offered...

  • Online through CANVAS Learning Management System:  Content can be reviewed 24/7 and is unlimited - review the information as many times as you  need.  Click on each subject to log in with your MEID and password (right side under "Related Resources").
  • In-person at test Prep Camps (math only):  In-person workshops are offered at selected times in the year for students who want to improve their test scores or want a refresher before starting their math classes.  Prep camps are taught by a math instructor with assistance from a tutor.  
    Sign up for the in-person Math Prep Camps here:  Math Prep Camps
    • ​Math Prep Camp Basics - MAT 081 and MAT 091 prep
    • Math Prep Camp 1 - MAT 121 prep