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Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our health or the environment. Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, gases, or sludges. They can be discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes.

For information and locations for recycling hazardous waste, please go to Earth911.com.

Upcoming Local Household Hazardous Waste Collections

Acceptable items include:

  • Home repair chemicals such as paint, thinners, solvents, adhesives (10 gallon paint limit)
  • Automotive liquids: motor oil, antifreeze, car batteries, old gasoline
  • Lawn chemicals: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers
  • Pool chemicals, fire extinguishers and gas cylinders
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Appliances: washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, evaporative coolers
  • Up to 5 scrap auto tires (no rims and no truck tires)
  • Most electronics, cell phones

No ammunition, explosives, bio-waste, commercial waste or construction waste.  No smoke detectors or televisions.