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Recycling @ EMCC

Aluminum Recycling
Aluminum Recycling

Estrella Mountain Community College cares about the environment and supports the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy. We are continually growing our recycling program. Recycling containers are available all across campus and in classrooms to encourage EMCC students, faculty and staff to be stewards of the environment. Please report any abuse, missing signs, missing containers or any other issues to the Thank you.

What Does EMCC Recycle?

  • paper, junk-mail, newspapers, magazines, books, colored paper, post-it notes, wrapping paper, glossy paper, cardstock, etc.
  • all plastic containers and bottles, utensils (forks, spoons, knives) [please empty all liquids before recycling to avoid contamination], hard plastics, plastics coded 1-7. NO PLASTIC BAGS
  • glass bottles and jars [please empty all liquids before recycling to avoid contamination]
  • metal cans, aluminum cans, foil [please empty all liquids before recycling to avoid contamination]
  • all cardboard boxes need to be broken down and placed NEXT to the recycling containers
Shredded Paper
  • all shredded paper should be placed in a plastic bag and placed NEXT to the recycling containers
Electronic Waste (E-Waste)
  • EMC does not have facilities for recycling electronic waste, however we partner with local organizations to host an electronic recycling event annually.
Hazardous Household Waste
  • EMC does not have facilities for recycling hazardous household waste, however we promote local city events as they occur.

Where are Recycling Containers Located?

Co-mingled (mixed recyclables) recycling bins are located in most classrooms, computer labs, and common areas around the campus. These can be identified as small blue or green trash cans displaying the recycle symbol. Larger recycling containers are also located around outside areas of campus, and can be identified as large blue or green trash cans that display the Avondale Recycling symbol.

View Campus Map of the Large Recycling Centers above.

Campus Recycling Details

What is 'co-mingled' recycling?

  • Commingled recycling refers to recycling of items that do not need to be separated. All of the approved recyclable items listed above can be placed in any of the recycling containers across campus. No need for separating

The large recycling can was here one day, and gone the next. Where did it go?

  • The large recycling containers are emptied once a week by Avondale recycling. Our facilities team picks up the containers around 2:00pm each Wednesday and will bring them back by 7:00am each Thursday.

Does EMCC recycle hazardous waste or other items that are not listed above?

  • Currently, EMCC only recycles items approved by the City of Avondale. All other recyclables can be recycled at other locations throughout the valley. To find locations for particular items, go to