Get Involved! EMCC Sustainability Team

EMCC Sustainability Team

The EMCC Sustainability Team is a group of faculty, staff and students who collaborate on sustainability initiatives that provide recommendations of campus practices that align with the mission and goals of the college and the Maricopa Community College District.

EMCC Sustainability Mission

The mission of the EMCC Sustainability Team is to promote environmental, economic, and social responsibility by providing advocacy, education, activities, and recommendations to students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities.

EMCC Sustainability Vision

We envision a college community whose behaviors and attitudes are aligned with sustaining a quality of life that does not diminish the potential for the quality of life for future generations. With this guiding principle of environmental stewardship in mind, the goals of the Sustainability Team are to:

EMCC Sustainability Goals

  • To educate by defining and modeling sustainability for the campus community.
  • To advocate for sustainability in Teaching & Learning across the curriculum.
  • To foster a cultural shift in EMCC practices to promote sustainability initiatives
  • To communicate EMCC Sustainability programs/initiatives to the internal and external communities.
  • To recommend business practices that reduce, reuse and recycle resources.
  • To document EMCC's sustainability efforts for assessment and benchmarking.


If you are interested in joining the sustainability initiatives on campus, or have recommendations of best practices, please let us know. The EMCC Sustainability Team will meet the last Monday of the month from 2:00pm-3:00pm.