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  Spring 2021 SEMESTER COVID-19 UPDATE: The EMCC campus is open to EMCC employees and students attending on-campus classes. All student support services are available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.

Meet Your Student Success Coaches

Our highly trained Student Success Coaches are students like you who come from diverse backgrounds, and many are the first in their family to attend college. They have experienced similar challenges to those you may be going through and can share what they did to overcome them and create success at EMCC.


Shawna Foulkes

Shawna Foulkes

Major/Degree Pathway: Health Science/Associate in Science Applied in Nursing/ Nursing CEP program

Expected Graduation: 2023

Next Steps: I plan to transfer to Northern Arizona University to get trained to become a Physician Assistant (PA).

Career Goal: To become extremely successful in all I do.

Why I Wanted to be a Success Coach: I have personal experience with life and maintaining a college education through my struggles. I believe I may inspire college students, mothers, and individuals wanting to find purpose.

What I'd Like You to Know About Me: I am a mother of three, who has faced many obstacles through my college experience, and yet I am still here. I love spending time with family and taking adventures such as hiking and exploring new challenges. I absolutely love physical fitness and healthy living. My faith community is important to me. I also love singing and worshiping.

Ariana Newman-Roberson

Major/Degree Pathway: Business Communication/Marketing

Expected Graduation: Fall 2023

Next Steps: I plan on getting a job at a Marketing firm and transferring to University of California, Irvine to earn a Bachelor's Degree.

Career Goal: To own a Marketing firm.

Why I Wanted to be a Success Coach: I wanted to be a success coach because I have a passion to uplift others and make a difference. I know what it’s like to struggle in school and having support makes all the difference. Having a niche for making others feel comfortable and heard, I know I can help EMCC students succeed.

What I'd Like You to Know About Me: In my free time I love cooking, listening to music, and spending time with my family and close friends. My Favorite TV Series are: That's So Raven and Girlfriends.

Emanuel Salinas

Emanuel Salinas

Major/Degree Pathway: Associate in Engineering Technology MAPP program (Maricopa to ASU Pathway Program)

Expected Graduation: Fall 2021

Next Steps: I'm transferring to Arizona State University in Spring 2022 to pursue a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and expecting to graduate from there in 2023. After I graduate from ASU I plan on getting my Master's in Electrical Engineering in Germany.

Career Goal: To focus my time on making Hydrogen an inexpensive option for a fuel source for the nation and for the world.

Why I became a Success Coach: The reason for my interest in becoming a Success Coach is that I understand the confusion and stress that students go through during their first year of college. My goal is to lift off the confusion and stress and make students' lives a bit easier for them to handle during this new chapter in their life.

What I’d like you to know about me: During my free time you can usually find me searching the web about topics relating to STEM and history. When it comes to who I look up to I usually look towards historical figures to understand what they went through and learn how they became who we know them as today in history. If people in the past became well-known historical figures then why can't I? If they have done it then so can I.

Grant Smith

Grant Smith

Major/Degree Pathway: Arts and Applied Science with a major of Microsoft Networking Technology, 90/30 program at Estrella and Northern Arizona University (NAU).

Expected Graduation: Summer 2021

Next Steps: After I graduate from EMCC’s 90/30 program I will continue to Northern Arizona University online. I want to try and participate in internships while I am in school at Banner Health, Honeywell, or Intel when they are available. I plan to graduate from NAU by 2023.

Career Goal: To work for a government sector/department as I already do. While the pay is less, the job security is fantastic along with the benefits I receive with the job.

Why I Wanted to be a Success Coach: I want to be a success coach and mentor other students because of a personal experience that I had with Estrella Mountain's program called Engage Estrella. Engage Estrella is where I found my actual degree, a great mentor, and it pushed me forward to look for internships.

What I'd like You to Know About Me: I was born in San Antonio but I have lived in Florida, Hawaii, and Japan. I have visited Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and the Philippines. My hobbies and skills that I want to learn more about are: playing guitar, luthier, cooking, trying new dishes and drinks, soldering, and exploring. My favorite movie genre is Horror and a few of my favorites are: The Green Room, Noroi, I Saw the Devil, and Martyrs (2008, the French version). I like to watch soccer (Italian Serie A), NFL, and NBA. Lastly, I have two dogs and one is a German Shepherd pure breed and the other is a lab and pitbull mix.