We began our learning college journey, spring 2007.
The League for Innovation formalized the concept in early 2000.
Our strategic planning processes reflect the learning college concept.
Estrella Mountain published the first "Learning College Yearbook" in
The learning college movement began in the early 1990's.
Our Mission, Vision and Values were modified to embrace the learning college
The learning college concept is based on six principles.
The learning college places learning first anyway, anyplace, anytime.
Employee Photo Employee Testimonial

"Being a part of the Estrella Mountain Learning College journey has really opened my eyes as to how I contribute to learning on campus. In my position I don't have daily contact with students so I didn't consider what I do as being important to a Learning College, but it really boils down to learning at every level. I work with faculty and staff across campus to help develop and implement programs to enhance the students learning experience. I am the advisor for the M.E.Ch.A. student organization and work with my students to help them accomplish their goals. I am also the chairperson for Hispanic Heritage Month and along with my committee produce a month long event of educational programming for the entire campus. When I take a step back and look at what I do here at EMCC, I can see that every day I impact learners and make decisions based on what has the greatest influence on learning!" Elena M. Beltran, Title V