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EMCC Fashion Club
623 935 8832
623 935 8824

The purpose of the EMCC Fashion Club is to provide fellowship among the fashion enthusiast and to promote unity among the members.

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EMCC Gaming Club
623 935 8704

The EMCC Gaming Club plans, organizes, and executes events related to gaming. Some of the events the club sponsores includes: gaming tournaments, fundraisers, and gaming discussions. Club members come together during meetings to engage in dialogue, and fun activities as they relate to various areas of gaming.

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EMCC Student Nurse Association (SNA)

The purpose of this Association shall be to: promote the awareness of the RN program of nursing among academic and local communities. Serve as a means of communication among students, faculty and administration to: Promote common educational and professional objectives; Advocate students' interests; Enhance students' educational experience; Encourage professional and constructive student conduct; Foster academic and professional success; Represent the Association's members and their interests to the community at large and to other educational and professional institutions, organizations and associations; Inform the Association's members of activities and opportunities that are organized and provided by other educational institutions, professional organizations and student associations; Promote and encourage participation of the Association's members in appropriate student activities. Augment student understanding of post-graduate educational and employment opportunities. Promote and encourage relationships with professional associations, including the American Nurses Association and National Student Nurses' Association. Collaborate with other EMCC Student Organizations to achieve mutual goals. Be advocates and leaders in the local community.

Entrepreneur Club
Entrepreneur Club (E-Club)

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate student’s interest in any kinds of Business major; to provide the opportunity of all members to develop leadership skills when interacting with various professionals in any kind of business field, and most importantly to promote career opportunities in any kind of Business or related field.

Environmental Club
623 935 8319

The purpose of this club is to promote environmental sustainability through environmental responsibility. By educating the campus community, we hope to create awareness that fosters environmental stewardship.

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