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Clubs & Organizations Listings

EMCC Fashion Club
623 935 8832
623 935 8824

The purpose of the EMCC Fashion Club is to provide fellowship among the fashion enthusiast and to promote unity among the members.

Special Interest
Entrepreneur Club
Entrepreneur Club (E-Club)

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate student’s interest in any kinds of Business major; to provide the opportunity of all members to develop leadership skills when interacting with various professionals in any kind of business field, and most importantly to promote career opportunities in any kind of Business or related field.

Forensics Club
623 935 8470

The Estrella Mountain Community College Forensics Club consists of students interested in a variety of speech styles including: Informative, Impromptu, Competitive, Prose Interpretation, and Communication Analysis. The EMCC Forensics Club will compete on the local, regional and national levels. The club also sponsors on campus programs throughout the year.

Future Teachers Club (FTC)
623 935 8407
623 935 8705

The purpose of the organization is to create a student network that will allow the students to bond, share knowledge and experiences.  While participating in club activities we will develop excellent communication skills, volunteerism, and leadership skills.  This club will be designed to enhance and work along aside preexisting organizations on campus such as America Reads and Inspire. Teach.

International Student Leadership Organization (ISLO)
623 935 8802
623 935 8489

The mission of this club is to promote international awareness by encouraging intercultural exchange and involvement in working together as an international community, recognizing individual potential and maintaining a spirit of friendship and diversity.